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September 06 | 07:00 am Absolute Beginners
September 13 | 07:00 am Absolute Beginners
September 20 | 07:00 am Absolute Beginners


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In yoga classes that I teach, we are focused on how to connect to our bodies, get stronger in a way that supports our joints and healthy alignment, grow awareness of our own body habits, and learn to relax deeply. All of this encourages body habits that optimize good posture and thereby support all the body systems better.  In classes I teach there is no chanting, no incense, and though I believe yoga is also a spiritual practice, we are focussed on the nuts and bolts of the body.  You need not be young, flexible, or in perfect health to practice yoga but, you ought to consult your doctor first. Students must be at least 16 years old to attend classes that I teach.



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Massage, like yoga, can be used to help build awareness of our body habits and help reset to healthier patterns.  Tight muscles provide resistance that makes keeping good posture difficult.  For example, when the front of your chest is very tight, your shoulders roll in and it's a real effort to stand up straight.  By lengthening the right muscles with massage, that job of standing tall can be easier. However, you may also need to strengthen to truly stand up straight.  I keep an eye on the whole picture with my clients and often provide yoga poses to strengthen and stretch after your massage.  I also think massage is important for sheer relaxation.  The relaxing rhythyms of massage stimulate blood flow to muscles, letting the mind unburden itself and relax after an all-too-common long day.